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  Pneumatic fender pressure test
  Our complete test system and advanced technical innovation guarantee the high quality of our products, which is in accordance with our incessant pursuit of satisfying our customers.
  Polyurethane solid fender pressure test

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Pressure test3

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  Explosion experiment
  CCS Authorization

  Quality control
   Established in 1999 and with the experience of producing pneumatic floating fenders, foam-filled floating fenders and ship upgrading and launching airbags accumulated in the past decade, Qingdao Haiying Marine Airbag and Floating Fender Co. Ltd. boasts high safety, perfect airtightness, and inexpensive convenience of its products. The company has established complete quality control system, which consists of three quality control inspections, four rounds of process control, and closed management of the molding site. All the measures guarantee the high quality of our products.

“Our creed is that “the demand of customers is our pursuit.” Choosing our products, you get our promise:
   1.All our products are in compliance with HB/T2877-1977 (Rubber fender standard)
      CB/T3948-2001(Marine pneumatic rubber fender standard)
      CB/T3795-1996?(Ship upgrading and launching airbag standard)
      CB/T3837-1998(Ship airbag upgrading and launching workmanship requirement)
   2.Under the proper transportation, storage and use, our floating pneumatic fenders, PU foam-filled fenders, and ship upgrading and launching airbags meet the requirements of the above standards.

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