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 Established in 1999, Qingdao Haiying Marine Airbag and Floating Fender Co. Ltd. is specialized in producing floating fenders and ship upgrading and launching airbags. Our company is located at the beautiful coastal city¡ªQingdao.

  Our company is engaged in producing all varieties of models and sizes of floating fenders, ship upgrading and launching rubber airbags and rubber float barrels used in salvaging sunken ships. Our products cover all kinds of floating fenders with more than 50 specifications. Our company is one of the Chinese manufacturers which produce the most complete types and models of floating fenders.

  In the past decade, our company has always stuck to our creed of ¡°hard work, perfectionism, fine workmanship and high aspiration¡± and organized scientists and technicians to research and develop floating pneumatic fenders, polyurethane foam-filled fenders, and semi-submersible floating fenders with the support of Qingdao University and Qingdao Rubber Industry Research Institute. Our products have been widely used as protective measures by such vessels as ocean liners, luxury yachts, liquefied gas carriers and large ships as well as naval ports and wharfs. We have acquired a number of patents.

  Through many years of design and production of floating fenders, our company has accumulated rich production experience and made great innovation in such aspects as product structure, craftsmanship, airtight layer, and accessories. This innovation wins our products¡¯ more popularity among customers and our products are sold to such domestic provinces as Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, and Liaoning and to more than ten countries and regions in Southeast Asia.

  Upholding the tenet of ¡°all for the customers¡±, our company strictly guarantees the product quality, employs advanced processing equipment, and establishes complete quality management system. With credit, efficiency, pragmatism, and hospitality, we make a perfect combination of excellent products and high-quality service.


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